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Hello! What's up in the camp of TRIDENTIFER? Could you make a little introduction or sum up the biography of the band?

Hi! I started Tridentifer at the end of 2011. After about 4 years with always 4-5 members & playing live-shows we decided to go separate ways. The demo `’Zombified´’ and the debut album ‘`Path Of The Damned Souls´’ have arisen in this time.
For '`Left To Rot´' Akheron from the band Nekkromaniac took the part of the vocalist and wrote the lyrics. During February to September we recorded the new stuff, then mixing, layout and then the self release in December 2016. In cause of not being a complete band there will be no live shows at the moment…maybe in the future, time gonna show!

What's the deeper meaning of the band name? Why did you choose the TRIDENTIFER moniker?

Tridentifer is Latin: the one who leads the trident!
Perfect for a Death/Black Metal band as a I name I think!

How do you define your music when someone isn't familiar?

Hard riffing metal music with structure and re-recognition, more simple for easy understanding the music. There´ s not only blast by blast or just doomy parts - it´ s a mix of everything in a well combination to not get bored so fast. Lot´ s of mid-tempo and synth -passages creating atmosphere - aggressive vocals!

If you were obliged to choose one of the elements of your music to define the style of TRIDENTIFER, would it be the oldschool Death Metal parts, the BM parts, the most brutal or the more sorrowful moments?

I think more the old school parts, that’s the sound I grow up with and is nearly in every song!

What's your opinion about tape releases and paper fanzines? Do they own a place in the underground last few years? Are you rather for CD s, tapes or vinyl releases?

Definitely vinyl, CD´ s are compact, MC´ s not for me, but if bands have the chance to offer all, do it, there are still people who like tapes!
Paper fanzines was something that reminds me in my youth, should not be stopped!

Which albums and demos are you listening to the most? Do you generally prefer to listen to the older bands, or there are new outfits you enjoy as much?

There are some old school albums which i still love today as much as in the beginning and of course also newer bands, here are my favorites:
Darkthrone - Soulside Journey (Not Swedish, but I am sure the guys used the HM-2, it sounds Swedish and is for me one of the most important albums!), Entombed - Left Hand Path (The ultimate Swedish Death Metal album!), Carnage - Dark Recollections (Number 3 of my favorites in Swedish sound!), Morbid Angel - Altars Of Madness (One of my first vinyl LP´ s, David Vincent sounds great on this album!), Paradise Lost - Lost Paradise (I love this album, slow, deep, hard and some synth!), Incubus - Beyond the Unknown (Great sound, great riffs, great voice!), Massacra - Signs of the Decline (A must have!), Slayer - South of Heaven (For me one of the best Slayer Albums!), Bathory - Blood, Fire, Death, Aura Noir - Hades Rise, Repugnant - Epitome of Darkness, Gatecreeper - Gatecreeper (EP), Necrowretch - Putrid Death Sorcery/With Serpents Scourge (Great Riffs!), Entrails - The Tomb Awaits (These guys started the HM-2 hype again I think!), Septic Flesh - Communion/The Great Mass (Majestic, evil!)… Ah, I forget an important albums and bands in my list: Besatt - Demonicon, Bloodbath - all Albums!

While your music remains rooted in old school Death metal, it seems your new songs have a more Death/ Black feeling, something a bit more filthy... Do you agree and how do you explain this evolution

After the band split, I decided to move on, with or without new musicians, I still love the HM-2 Swedish-guitar-sound, but there are lots of bands which use this sound now, every one wants to sound like the Left Hand Path album, so i was bored and go back to `normal´ guitar sound, its more clear, define and with the new voice of Akheron it fix perfect and of course I listen to black metal too.

Your production is very good and powerful. Was it really self-produced in your rehearsal place?

Since the beginning we recorded by ourselves. During the years I get more and more equipment to record at home, to safe money for expensive studios and write/record new songs directly in a good sound.

Are the lyrics important for you, perhaps you see the texts as some kind of morbid poetry or something like this?

The Lyrics are typical death/black metal themes and are important, they always have to be devilish, about zombies, vampires, blasphemy, the other side and similar themes, but we did not thought about lots of people would like to read them, so we decided to don’t print them in the booklet.

I saw on your official website you played gigs? How does TRIDENTIFER sound in real conditions, I mean during live, or rehearsals, compared to the recordings? Is it rawer, cruder or faster?

In real we used the HM-2 Pedals too, and at the most gigs the people really recognized the Swedish sound from the demo and debut album.
So I would say we sounded similar like on the records! Here and there we played songs faster, maybe too much beer!

Where did you record songs for the new album ‘’Left To Rot’’? How long did it take and was it an easy task?

I did the songs in my cave, the vocals we recorded in the exercise room of Nekkromaniac, Akheron´s main band. The music itself took some month, sometimes a song just took 2 days…sometimes longer, Akheron was very fast with the texts, the recordings with him just took 3 days!

How would you introduce new album ‘’Left To Rot’’ in a few lines?

Different then the demo and debut, but more the way Tridentifer will move on…there will be always some new experiments - not every album should sound like the last one!

What was the lyrics on ‘’Left To Rot’’ about?

The album is about vampires, death, devil, the underworld…every song has it´ s own morbid theme…and of course the song Zombified 2016 version!

Why TRIDENTIFER left the Voodoo Chamber Records? Are you looking for the new label?

VCR is a very small label that just started when we get to knew these guys around 2015. They make music too, that needs time, so they decided to concentrate on a small group of friend bands for the future. I don´ t think I need a Label for Tridentifer for now!

In the past, most of members from TRIDENTIFER played in other bands... Was there something quite close to the style of TRIDENTIFER? Some of your musicians currently have other musical projects?

Nearly every one of the past members of the band had it´ s experiences before here and there.
The old singer Oli have another band called Dawn of Anger, blasting extreme metal.
Tobi - one of the first members is running his single project called Omnivious, a great guitar-player!

Tell us what the readers need to know about TRIDENTIFER before concluding the interview- Future plans, coming gigs, next projects... Thanx for the answers.

Tridentifer will release more in the future, that´s sure,i need that part in my life! Soon I become father and live will change, but since I was 12 I listened to metal, today I am 40 and I don´ t think to stop listening to extreme metal or to write new songs!
I don’t know when members gonna join again for live acting, when i gonna start searching…first I concentrate on something new…stay tuned for more devilish sounds!
Thanks for interesting in Tridentifer and the interview - stay heavy, Marco.

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