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Hello! What's up in the camp of TRIDENTIFER? Could you make a little introduction or sum up the biography of the band?

Hi! I started Tridentifer at the end of 2011. After about 4 years with always 4-5 members & playing live-shows we decided to go separate ways. The demo `’Zombified´’ and the debut album ‘`Path Of The Damned Souls´’ have arisen in this time.
For '`Left To Rot´' Akheron from the band Nekkromaniac took the part of the vocalist and wrote the lyrics. During February to September we recorded the new stuff, then mixing, layout and then the self release in December 2016. In cause of not being a complete band there will be no live shows at the moment…maybe in the future, time gonna show!

What's the deeper meaning of the band name? Why did you choose the TRIDENTIFER moniker?

Tridentifer is Latin: the one who leads the trident!
Perfect for a Death/Black Metal band as a I name I think!

How do you define your music when someone isn't familiar?

Hard riffing metal music with structure and re-recognition, more simple for easy understanding the music. There´ s not only blast by blast or just doomy parts - it´ s a mix of everything in a well combination to not get bored so fast. Lot´ s of mid-tempo and synth -passages creating atmosphere - aggressive vocals!

If you were obliged to choose one of the elements of your music to define the style of TRIDENTIFER, would it be the oldschool Death Metal parts, the BM parts, the most brutal or the more sorrowful moments?

I think more the old school parts, that’s the sound I grow up with and is nearly in every song!

What's your opinion about tape releases and paper fanzines? Do they own a place in the underground last few years? Are you rather for CD s, tapes or vinyl releases?

Definitely vinyl, CD´ s are compact, MC´ s not for me, but if bands have the chance to offer all, do it, there are still people who like tapes!
Paper fanzines was something that reminds me in my youth, should not be stopped!

Which albums and demos are you listening to the most? Do you generally prefer to listen to the older bands, or there are new outfits you enjoy as much?

There are some old school albums which i still love today as much as in the beginning and of course also newer bands, here are my favorites:
Darkthrone - Soulside Journey (Not Swedish, but I am sure the guys used the HM-2, it sounds Swedish and is for me one of the most important albums!), Entombed - Left Hand Path (The ultimate Swedish Death Metal album!), Carnage - Dark Recollections (Number 3 of my favorites in Swedish sound!), Morbid Angel - Altars Of Madness (One of my first vinyl LP´ s, David Vincent sounds great on this album!), Paradise Lost - Lost Paradise (I love this album, slow, deep, hard and some synth!), Incubus - Beyond the Unknown (Great sound, great riffs, great voice!), Massacra - Signs of the Decline (A must have!), Slayer - South of Heaven (For me one of the best Slayer Albums!), Bathory - Blood, Fire, Death, Aura Noir - Hades Rise, Repugnant - Epitome of Darkness, Gatecreeper - Gatecreeper (EP), Necrowretch - Putrid Death Sorcery/With Serpents Scourge (Great Riffs!), Entrails - The Tomb Awaits (These guys started the HM-2 hype again I think!), Septic Flesh - Communion/The Great Mass (Majestic, evil!)… Ah, I forget an important albums and bands in my list: Besatt - Demonicon, Bloodbath - all Albums!

While your music remains rooted in old school Death metal, it seems your new songs have a more Death/ Black feeling, something a bit more filthy... Do you agree and how do you explain this evolution

After the band split, I decided to move on, with or without new musicians, I still love the HM-2 Swedish-guitar-sound, but there are lots of bands which use this sound now, every one wants to sound like the Left Hand Path album, so i was bored and go back to `normal´ guitar sound, its more clear, define and with the new voice of Akheron it fix perfect and of course I listen to black metal too.

Your production is very good and powerful. Was it really self-produced in your rehearsal place?

Since the beginning we recorded by ourselves. During the years I get more and more equipment to record at home, to safe money for expensive studios and write/record new songs directly in a good sound.

Are the lyrics important for you, perhaps you see the texts as some kind of morbid poetry or something like this?

The Lyrics are typical death/black metal themes and are important, they always have to be devilish, about zombies, vampires, blasphemy, the other side and similar themes, but we did not thought about lots of people would like to read them, so we decided to don’t print them in the booklet.

I saw on your official website you played gigs? How does TRIDENTIFER sound in real conditions, I mean during live, or rehearsals, compared to the recordings? Is it rawer, cruder or faster?

In real we used the HM-2 Pedals too, and at the most gigs the people really recognized the Swedish sound from the demo and debut album.
So I would say we sounded similar like on the records! Here and there we played songs faster, maybe too much beer!

Where did you record songs for the new album ‘’Left To Rot’’? How long did it take and was it an easy task?

I did the songs in my cave, the vocals we recorded in the exercise room of Nekkromaniac, Akheron´s main band. The music itself took some month, sometimes a song just took 2 days…sometimes longer, Akheron was very fast with the texts, the recordings with him just took 3 days!

How would you introduce new album ‘’Left To Rot’’ in a few lines?

Different then the demo and debut, but more the way Tridentifer will move on…there will be always some new experiments - not every album should sound like the last one!

What was the lyrics on ‘’Left To Rot’’ about?

The album is about vampires, death, devil, the underworld…every song has it´ s own morbid theme…and of course the song Zombified 2016 version!

Why TRIDENTIFER left the Voodoo Chamber Records? Are you looking for the new label?

VCR is a very small label that just started when we get to knew these guys around 2015. They make music too, that needs time, so they decided to concentrate on a small group of friend bands for the future. I don´ t think I need a Label for Tridentifer for now!

In the past, most of members from TRIDENTIFER played in other bands... Was there something quite close to the style of TRIDENTIFER? Some of your musicians currently have other musical projects?

Nearly every one of the past members of the band had it´ s experiences before here and there.
The old singer Oli have another band called Dawn of Anger, blasting extreme metal.
Tobi - one of the first members is running his single project called Omnivious, a great guitar-player!

Tell us what the readers need to know about TRIDENTIFER before concluding the interview- Future plans, coming gigs, next projects... Thanx for the answers.

Tridentifer will release more in the future, that´s sure,i need that part in my life! Soon I become father and live will change, but since I was 12 I listened to metal, today I am 40 and I don´ t think to stop listening to extreme metal or to write new songs!
I don’t know when members gonna join again for live acting, when i gonna start searching…first I concentrate on something new…stay tuned for more devilish sounds!
Thanks for interesting in Tridentifer and the interview - stay heavy, Marco.

Interview with Johan and INTERMENT


1-You played in Eskilstuna in December last year. How was the show with Bomb Of Hades, Repuked and Irresistible Urges?

It was a great underground show with a lot of drunken people and a lot of booze. The conditions were not the best but we did a great show anyway! It was unlimited amounts of alcohol for the bands involved and a lot of old great friends were there. It was a great night with a lot of chaos…

2-What is the cooperation with those bands?

We have been friends with the crazy Repuked guys since we played with them the first time in Stockholm 2011. The great guys in Bombs Of Hades lives very close to us and we have done some gigs together lately. Hope to do some more gigs with both of the bands of course!

3-What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

Well, I don’t know but I saw a really hilarious movie called “The Brothers Grimsby” last week. You must see it!

4-Responds from the last album ''Scent of the Buried’’?

The new album has got very great response worldwide and that’s really nice!

5-Who would win a fight between Extreme Metal and Glam Pussy Metal haha?

Easy question. Extreme Metal, what else!? Pussy Metal is for posers!!

6-If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

I don’t know really. Maybe “Swedish Death Metal and drunken stories….”

7-If you could to get drunk with anyone from other bands, who would it be and why?

That would definitively be with Abbath! He seems to be a funny and great guy that likes to get drunk and make some chaos!

8-If you could be remembered for one sentence, what would it be?

Nu går vi på pöbben! (Let’s go to the bar!)

9-Few words about the ''undead'' legends: Quorthon, Schuldiner, Lemmy and Cliff Burton?

As you say; they are all legendary and huge icons in my book! It’s unbelievable that they are gone but they’re still in my heart and big influences for me!

10-What were you like as a child?

Well, I think I was an ordinary kid with a normal childhood. Got into Rock’n’Roll music by my parents very early and when I was like 5 I got into Kiss by a friend of mine and then it just rolled on…

11-What do you think you will hate about this job (music)?

Well, I don’t hate anything. The music business is very hard to deal with and with so many bands around etc. It’s just to keep on rolling and do what you’re addicted to! Living the dream…

12-Beer or whisky or soda or mineral water?

I prefer vodka! But I like beer, smoky whisky and red wine as well.

13-Say you are dead - what would your eulogy say about you?

Only Death Is Real…

14-What the future brings?

Right now we’re hoping for some gigs and festivals this spring/summer and hopefully we’ll set up a tour in the autumn. Then we’ll begin to write new songs for the third album!

15-Thanks for the interview Johan. Last words are yours...

Thanx a lot for your questions. Please follow us on Facebook for latest news and updates. I really hope we will play in Serbia soon and if someone can help us to get there, just get in touch! To all Serbian Death Metal maniacs: support the underground Death Metal scene and stay drunk!! Cheers!!

INTERVIEW with Andrew Andy Whale and Karl Willets from MEMORIAM


01. When did the idea for MEMORIAM come about? Why the band name MEMORIAM?

Memoriam came about at the end of 2015, after the death of BT’s drummer Martin Kiddie Kearns. BT decided to put the band on hold whilst we all came to terms with the tragic loss. It was a real low point for me in my life personally and a dark place to be in. I decided that I could simply not sit around and wait for the future of BT to be decided, I had to do something to express my feelings of sorrow, and loss. This is the reason I approached Whale and asked him if he was interested in going into the rehearsal rooms and jamming out some cover versions of songs that had influenced us back in the late 1980’s we BT was formed. We got our mate Frank involved as we had always talked about doing a band together for many years and also got Scott Fairfax who had recently completed a tour of South American playing guitar with Benediction, so we knew that he got on well with Frank.
We had our first meeting in the Pub in January 2016 where we discussed what we would like to do and what songs we would like to play cover versions of and it all has grown from there. We started rehearsals in February 2016 and the band has developed at an incredibly fast pace over the past year!
Initially we where struggling to come up with a name that fitted what we where doing, it was like you’d come up with an idea, Google it and find that the name had been used 20 times previously. The name kind of organically grew from what inspired us to form the band in the first place following the death of Kiddie. The music we are creating is a form of Memoriam, a way to express my feelings of grief and loss lyrically the only way I know how.

02. How would you describe the music of MEMORIAM?

To Be Honest its a mixture of A lot of different styles. Death metal/Grind/punk and Hardcore, we’ve just done what we like with this Album. We’ve just had a lot of fun with it!
We are putting the ‘Old’ back into Old School Death Metal! The band builds on our collective strengths. It sounds killer, like a hybrid mix of Bolt Thrower/Sacrilege/Benediction which in turn has created its own distinct sound.

03. You are going to investigate the war topic again with MEMORIAM (like with Bolt Thrower). What are you going to express through them?

Although the lyrics are War based, Karl always gives them a modern message, its like “War Rages On “ for instance.
For many people, life feels like a war, it’s a constant battle .
“Last words” is a letter to from a soldier from the trenches, knowing there would be a good chance he’d never see his family again.

04. Lets talk about the upcoming album ‘’For The Fallen’’, tell us a little bit about ‘’For The Fallen’’... Is the studio an environment the band enjoy? How different are final, studio results of your songs from previous rehearsal versions? And how does the process of your studio works looks like?

It was like all the albums we had recorded, parts of it was fun, some was very stressful.
And like any tracks we have recorded, they changed slightly from rehearsals. we had ideas that worked well, ideas that didn’t. The end result is we were happy with the final album !

05. How many songs are you arranging for the album ‘’For The Fallen’’? Do you have a tentative release date?

There are 8 tracks on the Album, it’s just under 45 minutes. We had 1 track that wont be on the Album,we decided the album would be a bit to long with the 9th track,its now an exclusive track on the 2nd Hellfire 7 inch.
The release date is the 24th March”.

06. Do you think fans will be as excited when you finally release the debut? What should we expect?

As always we hope everyone likes the Album , there is a good buzz about the album from both fans and Nuclear Blast. we’ ve done stuff that we like! .and do well”, Simply in your face heavy music!

07. How has it been working with such a well-established group of musicians like you have in the MEMORIAM?

Its good, none of us has anything to prove. We are just doing it because we enjoy it, and have fun.
We lost that buzz from going through the process of making music.
We work well together. and get stuff done quickly.

08. Aside from music, how are you doing these days? Any new hobby or passion?

We Have families to keep us busy nowadays. Some of us are into football, rugby.
Scott likes a bit of Fishing. We are all a lot older, but no less stupid!!!!!

09. What is the difference between the Memoriam, Bolt Thrower, Benediction and Sacrilege sound? What's changed?

All the bands have a different sound / outlook .
Memoriam has a mix of everything we have done before, but also has a fresh direction.
We decided we wanted to do tracks we like, instead of just knocking out an album of straight Death Metal for instance. When you hear the Album you will understand!!!

10. Death Metal has been hitting new heights in the last couple of years, mainly because of the commercial success of Deathcore and younger audiences getting into this genre. What is your opinion about the modernization of Death Metal?

When we got into bands 30 years ago we never imagined it would be as popular as it is now, but with any music it goes through good times and bad!!! Let' s just hope there is a generation of people willing to keep going, and trying to push the scene to new heights!!!.
All I can say there has been a lot of changes, it’s all good!!!

11. ‘’For The Fallen’’ album will be release through Nuclear Blast? How are these guys treating you?

Nuclear Blast have been great , we have known/been on the label for a long time..
They saw the potential of the band, and have supported the band.
We only have good things to say about them!!!

12. As one of the now elder statesmen of the Death Metal scene, do you eve feel that with age comes an unreasonable weight of expectation from fans?

Yes and NO! .It’s a lot to do with the bands we have been in for many years. for us personally we don’t really worry what people think of the band.
We love the fact that people have got behind the band. But it’s the same for anyone who has been in bands for as long as we have, you just make music you like
Its not rocket science, keep it simple and stick to what you like doing!!!

13. Cover artwork on ‘’For The Fallen’’ is act of well known DM designer Dan Seagrave. Can you tell us something about the cooperation with him?

Scott always wanted a Dan Seagrave album cover, we asked him. He was happy to do the cover, our ideas and his ideas for the cover weren’t a million miles apart.
The cover is great, it fits what we are trying to do with the music.

14. Let’s talk about the lyrics of every song from ‘’For The Fallen’’ album separately...

01. Memoriam -
Memoriam is an intro song and sets out our intentions, this song is dedicated to Kiddie and is really a eulogy to him,
02. War Rages On -
War Rages On is really about getting on with life, and dealing with the issues that life throws at you.
03. Reduced To Zero -
Reduced to Zero is a comment on the world in which we live in with the rise of right wing nationalistic xenophobia
04. Corrupted System -
This is our punk/hardcore track - again about the world we live in influenced by things such as Brexit and Trump etc.
05. Flatline -
Flatline is about the experience of dying, and the journey it takes.
06. Surrounded (By Death) -
Surrounded (by Death) is about being surrounded by death literally, I wrote this in the wake of Lemmy’s death, it just seems that we are constantly in life
07. Resistance -
Resistance is kind of anti establishment in its focus - its about not taking any shit from anyone.
08. Last Words -
Last Words is the closing track on the album, it is an epic sounding song that is written from the perspective of a letter home from the trenches, exploring the feelings and emotions that a soldier has before he faces death by going over the top.

15. What can you tell me about your gig last year in Obscene Extreme Fest?

Our first was great, people were interested in what we were doing. There was a big crowd when we played, we played a few covers just to fill out the set, we didn’t want to play all of our own tracks ,as we knew it would be awhile until wed get any thing out.
It was good fun,
Its great promoters gave us a chance on an idea of what we would be like, in this day and age its great. I have a lot of respect for them!!!

16. Are you planning a tour this year as a (headlining) band or gigs only in a festivals (Blastfest, Lords Of The Land, Dark Easter Metal Meeting etc)?

We aren’t sure yet , the honest answer is we have had offers, we are going to decide later in the year!!!!
Lets wait and see if there is any interest in the Album!!

17. Do you have some last word to our readers, or anything about future plans of the MEMORIAM?

Thanks for the interview, Thanks to everyone for their support over the last year.
We have just started on new tracks for the second Album!, more shows for 2017.then after that we will see what we want to do””””””

Thx for the interview , good luck and more albums of MEMORIAM in the future

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TSJUDER Live HellFest 2014

01 The Daemon Gate
02 Helvete
03 The Daemon Throne
04 Kill for Satan (The King's Birth)
05 Ghoul
06 Mouth of Madness
07 Slakt
08 Unholy Paragon
09 Demonic Supremacy
10 Malignant Coronation
11 Sacrifice (Bathory cover) 

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PURGATORY Luciferianism bonus DVD 2004

01. Intro / Bestial
02. Bloodsoil Revelation
03. Death World Struggle
04. The Daimonion
05. Seeds Of Annihilator
06. In Fervent Eyes
07. The Inexorable Darkness
08. Visions Beyond Light
09. Luciferic
10. The Serpent's Creation
11. The Rack (Asphyx Cover)
12. Captured Souls!ZxoDnYSS!yGJDvypoK_xAoIvbbvdeceoc4UBLgmJGFdfSf4oM348!csZyRKiR!62yBHlkEWY3Y-FKbYmJZB9VCyYUAFLcYpxnsUZILvUY!R14jASLZ!BpDglMD5o76jf6D0D2oZKwLXdM7nxuUbNqKXMxSQyWk!l44BSSaL!uTgvcYWXvzHO4-a-Ud7dxP_BJMNDfu3adfB_cW0Ke1U

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DIES IRAE The Art Of An Endless Creation DVD 2008

Live Metalmania Festival. Katowice 2005:

01. Intro / Beyond All Dimensions
02. The Hunger
03. Comrade of Death
04. Incarnation of Evil
05. The Art of an Endless Creation
06. Zohak
07. Infinity
08. The Truth

Bonus Video:

1. Video Clips:
01. Lion of Knowledge
02. The Art of an Endless Creation

2. Bootleg Video (Empire Invasion Tour 2004):
01. Intro / Beyond All Dimensions
02. The Hunger
03. Zohak
04. Comrade of Death
05. Unrevealed by Words
06. Infinity
07. The Art of an Endless Creation
08. Sirius B
09. The Truth
10. The Oceans of Filth
11. Incarnation of Evil
12. Lion of Knowledge!wpgBCAxY!-m8BB12QXWkBhWKWjZGh92SF0OXQUgY2SmYX6_ywIr8!15hija7S!P8DqgY5LZda4L6VTcVdaAHYwQYuAof67bMQgjV3FEUk!tgh0RIoL!AsMdZUbgjKXXqGlGhovlJO7tPOcrA1LRsyTA1QqFiGI!s9gCnDrS!p4cvaKtbVNiLv5_TQk9VzzjAu6Ual8ehQoql0kEkvMg!1gxBlABb!I1KBJOuF3KVSJ9gQeGUofQaWbWRKZC0E26Dzlq8wwrI

IMMOLATION Bringing Down The World tour DVD 2004

Live at Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Holland 2003

1. Of Martyrs and Men 05:02
2. Father, You're Not a Father 05:15
3. Unholy Cult 06:24
4. A Kingdom Divided 04:03
5. Those Left Behind 04:54
6. Reluctant Messiah 04:24
7. Unpardonable Sin 04:52
8. Christ's Cage 04:12
9. Bring Them Down 05:28

Live at the 013, Tilburg, Holland, 22.12.2002

10. Sinful Nature 03:32
11. Into Everlasting Fire 04:53

Live at the 013, Tilburg, Holland, 22.12.2002

12. Of Martyrs and Men 04:34
13. Father, You're Not a Father 04:42
14. Unholy Cult 06:49
15. Into Everlasting Fire 04:49
16. Wolf Among the Flock 03:45
17. Bring Them Down 05:03

Live at the Key Club, Los Angeles, USA, 10.06.2003

18. Of Martyrs and Men 04:48
19. Sinful Nature 03:35
20. Father, You're Not a Father 05:52
21. Unholy Cult 07:31
22. Furthest from the Truth 05:11
23. Dawn of Possession 03:03

24. Of Martyrs and Men (video clip) 04:31!vJlBTJpQ!m0520qPT6PCLpgX3BRqzYIqVxYlyd6-vpM4GT4tTj24!zQUR2YxT!hXXXdIPwlHwXYNiDk7WRADNqqMZdiUtgJZ4J8HBb0AA!fMFllaLL!WnfXDAI8gYTjkJYcEQg8cNM-I3KMv2LkjRFwV5RTgGE!vRcR2RBA!D3TlzyefDIFeeDeDkR1VIrDvpXTFGg-VyruMEuQGv2U!zUNyUZhA!ZUqujY9bP3-f9mjl4EJ87RY_FzlqVuZwrv6-pIH22LU!mZUiQZqS!axypXju2qtP-zr1EGFmqNG6BXXHRdlCeJke5uHGVnqY

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ABSU Live in Montreal 2009


01. An Involution of Thorns (Intro) / Descent To Acheron
02. Apzu
03. Night Fire Canonization
04. The Thrice is Greatest To Ninnigal
05. 13 Globes
06. Amy
07. Nunbarshegunu
08. Voor / Swords and Leather
09. Four Crossed Wands (Spell 181)
10. Manannan
11. Twix Yesterday, The Day & The Morrow / Girra's Temple
12. Highland Tyrant Attack
13. The Coming of War
14. Magic(k) Square Cipher 

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Please introduce the band for us! What kind of positions have the band members? How old are the band members, and what other projects have the musicians?

LUISMA: Haemorrhage is Lugubrious on vocals, Ana on guitar, Ramon on Bass, David on drums and me Luisma on vocals. About other bands we play I have to tell David play drums for Under Vultures and Ana and Me will start a new band Steelforce with Carcass and Benediction ex-members but it will be a Metal band not Grind or Death Metal.

 Your lyrics are quite sick. where did this ideas come to your mind? What impressions are your main influences? For the Luisma -Which stuff does inspire to the band when you write pathologically and surgery lyrics?

LUISMA: In the beggining we got impressed with Carcass lyrics. In the early 90s all the Death / Grind bands were writting lyrics about Gore, you know, zombies etc, but Carcass lyrics were more extreme and sicker cause they were about Pathology but they were written from a quite technical language. That really fascinated me. I used to read lots of Pathological and Medicine books back then and I wrote some lyrics about real or imagined situations but changing the words for pathological terms, They usually only happened in my own mind ha,ha... but later I decided to mix this with stories about the things that usually disgust peoiple. And for the new album I'm writting lyrics about those workers with disgusting jobs. You know surgeons, pathologists, embalmers, morticians etc...

If you should say categories, what category can you mention by HAEMORRHAGE: Death Grind or Gore Grind, and what is the difference between them?

LUISMA: We consider ourselves as a Goregrind band, but people can say whatever they think about us. We grew up listening all the styles from Punk to Black Metal, from Heavy Metal to Grind, so all that influences are surely in our music. I think the diference between Death Grind and Gore Grind could be the vocals and some drumbeats. In my opinion of course.

 What changes in line-up happen in HAEMORRHAGE story?

 LUISMA: We only have some drummer changes. We started with Jose and then Rojas replaced him in 1996. He satyed in the band until 2011 and Jose came back, but in 2013 Jose left the band and David joined us.

 In 2013 you released live album ''Live Carnage: Feasting on Maryland''. Do you tell us album story and critics?

LUISMA: Someday when we were making "Far Beyond Pathology" documentary video I asked a guy for some live footage from MDF and he sent me some files. And one of them was the audio recording taken straight from the soundboard. I really liked that recording cause it was fucking real and cool. So we decided to release it. It seems that our fans liked a lot this release.

From the first album ''Emetic Cult''(1995) to ''Hospital Carnage'' (2011) HAEMORRHAGE played the mixing of Death, Grind, Punk in old school vein with sickly themes. Which changes has occured about band's musical and lyrical progression?

LUISMA: I think there are not big changes in our career. If we are in one of our shows we play songs of the first album and the last one together and you can't see no big differeneces. But we usually like to make some changes in every album but keeping loyal to our style. The same goes for the lyrics. Maybe we have changed the abstract lyrics for stories but the style is more or less the same. 

About the cover of ''Hospital Carnage''... How was this cover planned and what does it tell us?

LUISMA: With a title like Hospital Carnage the most of the people could think in a patient being butchered by the doctors but I did a doctor that killed the other doctors to take away the patient. For some people it has a point of "justice" but for other it is like vultures fighting for their prey...I don't know... 

As we speak about old times... We can feel the influence of bands like old Carcass, General Surgery, Repulsion in your music. When the band was founded, have you been influenced from these bands?

 LUISMA: Yes sure. We were influenced by these bands and by a million more, but if you ask me I don't have a favourite band. I think it has more sense that playing Gore Grind you notice these bands influences and not King Diamond influence for example. But surely I like Kind Diamond as much as these bands.

 Which bands has inspired to your music style?

 LUISMA: Black Sabbath, Bathory, DRI, Entombed, Necrony, Bad Religion, Cro-Mags, Sore Throat, Doom, Dokken, Pungent tench...All the early 90 Death / Grind bands, all the 80s Heavy Metal bands, all the 80s spanish punk bands, all the 80s/90s Hard Core bands....

HAEMORRHAGE has made many split albums with bands like Exhumed, Christ Denied, C.S.S.O., Dead Infection, Damnable, Ingrowing, Denak, Mastic Scum etc. Was there a special, unforgettable split for the band?

LUISMA: We love almost everyone of these...but I like Dead Infection, GSR, Impaled or Dead splits...

Do you like horror movies and was there a relation between band's music and horror movies as an influence?

 LUISMA: Yes we like it of course, but its not a direct influence for our lyrics like it is for bands like Impetigo or Mortician...

 Your third full length album ''Anatomical Inferno'' in 1998 was more different than the ''Emetic Cult'' and ''Grume'' about style and sound. Is it for you too or not?

 LUISMA: Yes the sound is different. I love drum sound in this album but guitars are not so good as Grume

In year 2004 you released DVD and we saw the HAEMORRHAGE’s live performances first time. And in this DVD some of images from the your 2002 tour and all those live experiences are dissected and digitalized in a DVD- What do you say about this DVD which named ''Visions from the Morgue''?

 LUISMA: It was really cool cause we were one of the first bands after the big one like Carcass or Napalm Death etc that released a DVD.My cousin worked in a TV studio back then and he helped us with this. Now its strange to watch those 3.:4 screen format now we are used to 16:9 screens but it is still cool and funny.

How Ana feel in the band like HAEMORRHAGE? I think she's a first woman in gore (or first woman in history who played in Gore Grind band)??

 LUISMA: I think she feel ok, cause she is still in the band putting up with us. I don't know if she is the first one, but surely one of the first ones. She is a pioneer.

 Last year HAEMORRHAGE released 10" EP ''Obnoxious'' which is a compilation of the songs from your first two split albums with Exhumed and Christ Denied. Can you tell us more about this EP and how you signed with ''Power It Up Records'' from Germany

LUISMA: Well the EP is only the re-release of the original EP with 2 more songs from the same recording session. We are not really signed to Power-it-up. We are still signed to Relapse Records but they give us the freedom to release EPs on other labels.

 You've toured extensively, do you have any particularly crazy or funny stories from the road that you'd like to share?

 LUISMA: Too many...I remember we were in a festival in Germany and our bass player that day (Dani) felt in love with a girl and they spent the night together at the girl's place so when the festival car came in the morning to take us to the airport he wasn't in his room. We were trying to find him but we couldn't so we have to go to the airport or we would loss the flight. But when we were going to the airport we found him drunk in the road some miles away from the town...I'm still wondering where was he going...he didn't really know but he was lucky.

 Out of all the countries you've played in on your many tours, which has the best scene for HAEMORRHAGE?

LUISMA: hmmm difficult to say...Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, hard to say...

 How much do you yourselves follow the underground scene? Are there any new bands that you like that you would like to tell us about?

 LUISMA: To be honest I don't follow the scene too much like I did in the past but I still hear some new bands. From the new ones the best are Gutalax.

 Can you tell us band's future plans? New album works?

 LUISMA: Yes we want to release a new album in this year. We have some new songs but it have some delay since we changed ur drummer.

 With your releases being spread across so many labels, what is the easiest way for someone to get a hold of your records and merchandise?

 LUISMA: this is our singer`s mail. You can order him whar you want to buy.
 Great thanx for the interview... Stay undergound!!!

LUISMA: Thank you so much...STAY SICK!!!!!! See u in the morgue!

Friday, March 20, 2015


Here it comes along with an actual shot.
Let me know, i you need to know something else.

Eisen + Blood

01.  You've been into the underground for a very long time. What motivates you staying involved in it?

EISEN: We have many friends there and we never had the motivation to become a "big" Band. We grew up with the scene and like being part of it.

02.  There have been quite a lot of line-up changes in the band... What is current line-up? Did you stay in contact with old members? What happened to them?

EISEN: I don't think, we had that many line-up changes. OK, our singer changed a few times, but in basic it's Satanic Taki (bass), Ventilator (drums) and me on guitars (Destroyer Eisen). We are very glad to reanimate Martin Witchskinner on vocals, together with Chuck (guitars) we are a 5-piece now.
We have no real contact with the old members. We meet a very few times with Clausi, Hanzi, Bestial Bernd, but others are out of sight for us. Just, also as Alex is in Jail since a while.

03.  Is there still side-projects of Blood members? 

EISEN: Only Chuck is guitar Player in HC Band The Vibromatics, but the others have no side projects. We are lucky to concentrate ourselves onto Blood, so the motivation is not as high to run side projects.

04.  Do you view the music of BLOOD as Death Metal, Grindcore or something else?

EISEN: We name Blood as a Death/Grind Band, but we are most addicted to Death Metal.

05.  You recorded your first demo in 1987. The world has changed a lot since then. Has the BLOOD vision changed?

EISEN: We recorded our first Demo(s) back in 1986 and for sure, a lot changed. The early works were just fun/noise, later raw Grind. Our debut album was the very first time we were in a real studio. The sound was not that good, but rough, underground and unique.
Later we more and more find our personal style and sound. I think, since the 3rd record nothing really changed.

06.  Your music is very consistent, but the ability to make it keeps improving. Do you think bands need to change?

EISEN: Not really. I think it's necessary to have your personal 'trademark'. To reach this, is heavy enough. Then you really need no changes. Maybe, if a band is still experimenting with their style and doesn't know what they really want - then there is room for a change.

07.  BLOOD’s work and image has consistently assaulted Christianity, while most Grindcore bands are political and most Death or Black Metal bands are about gore, or take a “satanic” approach. Why do you take this approach, and what are you hoping to change in the minds of your fans?

EISEN: Blood always dealt with different themes, especially in our early works. Then we focused ourselves onto the crusade against christianity. It's horrible, what happens in the world under the name of a not existing god. That doesn't mean, we have no lyrics about gore and horror - no! We are also a lot into gore movies!

08.  Tell us about your attitude to religion. 'Cause today it brings more evil than good.

Yes for sure. The thing is, that church and god has no room in our life. We are too busy to believe into something that is a total lie to catch money from the good believers and to have reasons to start wars!

09.  Eisen, as an ‘’old school’’ man, tell me what do you think about popularization of internet, digital media? Are you fan of good old vinyl release?

To tell you the truth, I really love to have all music digitally. It's much easier to carry it with me and to listen to it everywhere. Also room for storage is always a problem in our apartment. But that doesn't mean, that I threw away all my old vinyl. We always wanted to release something on vinyl, 'coz it's a sign of underground!

10.  You released a many split albums with different bands like Impetigo (1991), Agathocles (1991), Dead Infection (1994), Inhume (1997), Psycho (1997) etc. Are you still in contact with those bands?

EISEN: Not with all, but with the internet and facebook, I still write with Mark and Stevo of Impetigo and the Inhume guys (we plan a small tour in the Netherlands in early 2016!), follow some of the other bands, like Agathocles, Psycho, Dead Infection...

11.  What's keeping the band alive all these years? What has changed in the band and your views from the beginning 'til nowadays?

EISEN: The major thing is, that we have no pressure from a label or anyone! That means, we mustn't release something new every year; we mustn't rehearse 3 times a week and we are good friends, also beside the band! This never changed and so there is still the lust and the fun in us to continue as long as possible.

      12 What German underground extreme band can you advise?

           EISEN: There are some great bands around, as Profanity, Purgatory, Mucupurulent,    Dead...
         And I love oldschool stuff like early Sodom, Destruction, Outrage, Poison, Assassin...
         I have no good overview over the German scene and especially new bands. There are much           too many outputs every year nowadays.

13. You released few live VHS – ‘’Live Video Holocaust’’ and ‘’The Bloody Year of 1990’’, Evil Sessions’’, ‘’Be Doomed’’, ‘’Delete Lords Prayer’’ and one DVD ‘’Live in Speyer’’. Where your fans worldwide can find this VHS/ DVD releases?

EISEN: No longer! That was in a period, I copied the VHS for the fans, but this is long time ago. From the live DVD we only made a handfull of copies to spread around, but they are also gone since a while.

14.  Tell us something about your everyday life. Job, family, hobbies, etc. It's always interesting to know what do you do besides playing in band...

EISEN: Sure - we all have our daily work: I'm postman, Ventilator has his own small painting company, Taki is at the big chemistry company called BASF and Martin works for disabled people. Chuck is also a cool DJ, I'm totally into board games, cinema and Football, Martin is running Marathon, Taki is visiting many Shows and have 2 small children. So you see: life is not boring for us...

15. If you could go to see some band live (oldschool DM or Grindcore, doesn't matter), what band would it be?

EISEN: Hmm - it's nearly impossible, to name only one. Impetigo would be a dream, just for the reason they doesn't really exist anymore. Also Repulsion, Autopsy or Razor would be killer.

16.  Your last studio album ''Dysangelium'' was released in 2003, and in 2007, ''Impulse to Destroy'' got re-released. What are the plans for next releases? Is there a new full length album planned in a near future?

EISEN: As we have a 'new' line-up since mid 2014 we First work a good and big live set out, because we got tons of offers for shows! Also some re-releases (actual the Blood/Impetigo, last year O Agios Pethane on vinyl and later in 2015 Christbait!). We have no concrete Plans.

Thanx for the interview with OATHZINE... good luck and stay underground!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY Texas Tormenting Tokyo 2005 DVD

1. Maniacal Contempt Spawned from Agonizing Depravity
2. Rancid Cesspool of Unimaginable Splendor by Ritualistic Butchery   
3.Decadent Orgy of Atrocious Suffering   
4. Deplorable Stench Reeking of Treacherous Deceit   
5. Festering Oral Infestation of Parasitic Anomaly   
6. Uhaul Full of Dead Bodies (Viral Load Cover)   
7. Inebriated by the Blood of Divine Suffering Through Secular Dissection   
8. Enraptured by Sickening Visions of Perverse Debauchery

Thursday, February 5, 2015

ENTOMBED A.D. Live in France 2014



Saturday, January 10, 2015

EXODUS Live At Botequim, Brazil 2014


01.Bonded by Blood
02. Scar Spangled Banner
03. And Then There Were None
04. Fabulous Disaster
05. Children of a Worthless God
06. Piranha
07. Pleasures of the Flesh
08. A Lesson in Violence
09. Iconoclasm
10. Metal Command
11. Blacklist
12. War Is My Shepherd
13. The Toxic Waltz
14. Strike of the Beast
15. Good Riddance

Friday, January 9, 2015

MASSACRE Live in Las Vegas 2014


1. As We Wait To Die 00:00:33
2. Defeat Remains 00:04:41
3. Succubus 00:09:44
4. False Revelation 00:13:59
5. Biohazard 00:18:41
6. Dawn Of Eternity 00:23:58
7. Chamber Of Ages 00:29:30
8. Back From Beyond 00:34:06