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Interview with WES, BLASPHERIAN

BLASPHERIAN formed back in 2004... What is the origin of the band's name? Why did you choose BLASPHERIAN as the band's name?

Wes- Basically ,I had an idea for a song another band...the idea was 'blaspheria" and really i was thinking about that title,decided to ad the 'n' at the end and we liked it ! it was that easy!

What were the early influences on your playing and songwriting, both individually and as a band?

Wes- Altogether I'd say old school death metal! IMMOLATION...INCANTATION...OLD DEICIDE...OLD MORBID ANGEL!
oh and also one of my older bands as well...IMPRECATION!

You've had some line-up changes, why did the others leave the band? And how long did it take to find their replacements?

Wes- People come and go....I've come to the conclusion that's just the way it's gonna be,people decide to do different things with their lives......usually doesn't take too long, and usually it's a good thing when someone decides to leave,or gets kicked out,it's always for the best....

You were involved in a few bands before this one, including well known Death Metal band IMPRECATION. What are the differences between BLASPHERIAN and IMPRECATION? 

Wes- The two bands are very similar,but one obvious difference would be my writing,compared to their drummer,Ruben's really is different if you listen closely....

You were on the "Bestial Necromancy" tape put out by Black Vomit Records . Do compilations help promotion these days?

Wes- Yes! we love to participate in comps and split releases! it's fun to write for a specific release,and work on the cover,and have releases with our friends in other bands....

Approximately how long did it take you to write the songs that were on the EP’s, demos, and the songs that are going to be on the full-length?

Wes- We take a long time to write...mainly due to that fact we all live so far apart! i wish the writing process was quicker because if it were we'd have more releases out....

Will you ever press your demos on cassettes? Can people still get hold of any of your demo releases, if so how?

Wes- Well the 'summoning of infernal hordes ' demo is included on the 'infernal warriors of death' c.d. as bonus, also we're gonna press our unreleased 2008 demo and the 2006 demo together on 12" vinyl soon...

Your first full length studio album "Infernal Warriors of Death" was released 4 years ago...Please tell us a bit about this album is your own words? What are your fave tracks on the album and why?

Wes- Basically was the best material we had at the time....i wish we had another singer on that release, as the douche we had is such an unprofessional weakling,it made recording a pain in the ass.and his lyrics sucked as well. So lets say if there was something we could change it would be that for sure.

The production on the ''Infernal Warriors...'' is great, very heavy, what made you choose that particular studio for this album?

Wes- We wanted a raw heavy production...and its the only studio,at that time we had recorded in.So it seemed the perfect choice to go where we felt comfortable...we no longer use that studio,the guy that runs it is an asshole,so we'eve moved on....

Have the values of metal music changed from the early 90s? How, and what does it make you think?

Wes- I think they have in terms of a lot more metal fans are super that i mean it seems like a lot of newer metal fans like everything,from slipknot,slayer to the underground.I think that's weak, metalheads are supposed to be elitists,and weak metal needs to be exterminated.So...hail to all the true! all the real metal fans that collect vinyl..patches, and uphold the true traditions of metal!

Is it hard for you to create new riffs, ideas, songs and a “voice” for yourselves in old school Death Metal, since so much of the genre was established before?

Wes- I don't think so,I've done this for so's really about a feeling ...of darkness and well as aggression....

BLASPHERIAN deal with the satanic topics... how seriously to do you take the whole satanic aspect of the band?

Wes- Very ....we stand behind our music and lyrics 100%,our ideals are anti christian and anti religious,we believe in that 100%

In your opinion what should Death Metal sound like?

Wes- Heavy...dark...evil...mighty....powerful....and anti religious.

What is your local scene like? Any local bands you care to recommend?

Wes- There are some killer bands in Texas at the moment....HOD, Morgengrau, Satanic Goat Ritual,Obeisance ...of course my friends in IMPRECATION as well!

''Allegiance to the Will of Damnation'' EP was released in 2007 in few different version - CD and 12'' vinyl, reissued in 2009 (with 7 songs) and 2010 (with 9 songs). Tell us more about this EP...

Wes- Was our first attempt in the studio...came our dark and heavy,i think we are happy with this release,for our first release i think it cane out GREAT!

What about splits with IMPRECATION, ADUMUS and EVIL INCARNATE?

Wes- Those opportunities came about for those releases and we jumped on them....the split with ADUMUS is notable,mainly because it was financed by the two bands,so it's an independent release in every sense of the term....we pressed 666 copies and our copies are all gone...sold the last 60 on tour in Europe....

Why did you guys decide to sign with Iron Bonehead Productions, and are you in a contract with them for more then just ''Upon The Throne... Of Eternal Blasphemous Death''7'' vinyl EP? 

Wes- Well we were originally gonna do a split with Chile's GODLESS,things didn't work out for that release so we decided to do our own 7" instead....iron bonehead was the perfect choice for a label for us as we wanted it to be released in Europe,and on a killer label ...which Iron Bonehead quality and easy to work with...

How has the fan reaction to the ''Upon The Throne...'' been to you guys?

Wes- The reaction has been great..all review have been positive...and there seems to be a demand for the ep as well!

Which label would you prefer as your ideal for releasing BLASPHERIAN material?

Wes- Well at the moment it's possible we will be working with a bigger U.S. label for another full length,not gonna say which one yet....but I'm fairly certain it's gonna happen...

Do you conduct any band business through internet and mail, such as sending demos and other promotional material?

Wes-Yes,at the bands expense we do it all the time.But i usually send out c.d.'r as its too expensive to send out actual product.

How is your gigging situation? Are you played live so much last years and where?

Wes- Well it's slowed down dude to some of us having families...but,it's gonna pick up as we;re available to be flown out for for years past...the highlight to us would be our European tour 2013....that was amazing!

What would you submit as the proudest moment you've had in BLASPHERIAN thus far?

Wes- Probably as i just mentioned our Euro tour 2013...that was amazing .....totally killer response and all the shows were killer....all our releases are another highlight,we're happy to be able to release exactly what we want!

What do you have planned for 2015? Maybe new full length album?...

Wes- Yes! we are working on new songs as i write this for another full length! it will be titled 'REBORN THROUGH THE BLACK FLAMES OF LUCIFER' ...and also we have a couple more split releases coming as well....a split 7" with IN LEAGUE WITH SATAN,and more....

Last words are yours.. Tell us how people can contact you, check our your music, buy merch etc

Wes- You can always contact us through our facebook page...

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